STAR ELEMENT is a global firm that was founded in early 2021. The firm manages gamification, game publishing, trading, and relevant business advisory, etc., mainly between Europe and Asia.

 Gamification is the application of game-design elements and principles in non-game contexts. Gamification brings innovation in every area, from production to consumption being derived by supply-demand. It maximizes the output of production, process, and sustainability.

Gamification connects the generations and ages through fun game elements. Beyond UX(User-eXperience) and BX(Brand-eXperience), the next step in every industry will be GX(Gamification-eXperience). By establishing and collaborating with the research institutes, we will contribute to the global standard of every aspect of GX. By realizing the gamified world, the business problem will be solved, and personal value will be accurately evaluated.

The firm’s approach is overseen by highly experienced professionals and is dedicated to pursuing strong, consistent outcomes across many business situations.