We introduce European and global gamification cases and products into non-Europe markets such as Asia. Also, successful non-Europe gamification cases and products are introduced into the European market. Through the convergence approach, we will take a unique position in the cross-border gamification eco-system.

Global Gamification Conference

We successfully participated in organizing international matters such as speakers for the following conference. We will commit the cooperation about more global gamification conferences.

Dec. 7th -8th, 2022 - Seoul, the Republic of Korea (online and offline)

Gamification Talks

Gamification Media

We actively seek the global gamification media channels to exchange and communicate the gamification knowledge, information, and advertisement.

For example, we have a strategic partnership with the first only Korean gamification media – Gamification Journal.

Game and Gamification publishing

We have proactively sourced the qualified gamification software, publication, and products as follows. We are very open to any offers about good gamification products and services.

Products Marketing and Trading

We work on various companies which want to promote and publish their own gamification and game-related products to the international markets

STAR ELEMENT builds the strategic cooperation partnership for international business development and investment about Ditoland, UTPlus Interactive Inc.'s metaverse platform.

Gamification Consultancy

We work on fun-based gamification consulting projects about every issue and problem.

Through business and gamification methodology, the companies or entities can increase the revenue, efficiency, and training & development, and decrease the cost and problem.

Management Consulting and Advisory

Based on our deep expertise and network in global finance, management, industrial background, and game business, we offer the relevant business consulting and advisory on the cross-border scale for various business issues.

A notable example includes an international joint venture or M&A for a fabrics business


We have a strategic partnership with the Metaverse Clinic Center in the Republic of Korea to cover various metaverse projects.

STAR ELEMENT started participating in the newly-launched Metaverse Standards Forum as a Principal Forum member.

Game Development

We have operated an international consortium for game development outsourcing. We work with the top game companies mainly in the Republic of Korea having strong IT game history.

We cover full game development, 2D/3D art, 2D/3D animation, UI/UX, and other game-related services on various platforms.